Diasec is the Best!

We dare to say it:
Diasec is the best plexiglass bonding process available today!

Since 1969

The quality of Diasec adhesive is unsurpassed. Where a transparent mounting film ages prematurely, Diasec adhesive has not done so for more than half a century. Since its existence in 1969, no works of art have surfaced due to aging glue.

Brand name

DiasecĀ® is a protected brand name used by many licensed companies.
As such, the brand name is registered worldwide.

Distinction from imitations

There is an assured supply of proven ingredients.
This distinguishes Diasec from imitations that depend on uncertain availability.

The process

With Diasec you can mount fine art pigment prints such as rag and baryta (inkjet), directly without additional treatments. Of course, you can also mount chromogenic photographs from Lambda and Light-Jet or similar.